Bioeconomy boom: More brands set targets for bio-based products Read more at

17-01-2019 13:26

Growth is expected in the biomaterials market and brand investment will be driven by consumer demand and public image. Read more at

Adidas and NHL team up to unveil hockey jerseys made from Parley Ocean Plastic.

16-01-2019 18:22

Sportswear giant Adidas and North America’s National Hockey League's new Parley Ocean Plastic hockey jerseys (picture courtesy of Adidas).This year’s NHL All-Star Game in San Jose is the perfect setting for adidas to introduce environmentally-conscious jerseys that complement our focus on environmental stewardship.”

Expert View: Brands – a pragmatic approach to bio-based chemicals.

16-01-2019 18:21

When brands are looking for near-term impact, they need a bio-based technology that really works”