Boosting bio-economy in cities vol.2

Timezone: GMT+01:00

Organiser: Urban Summit Bratislava, Biobridges project

Event type: national

Description: The event offered attendants of the biggest “urban” festival in Bratislava, which focuses on various aspects of living in a city through discussions, workshops and presentations, opportunity to discuss commercial specifics of biobased products (BBPs). There are many initiatives or even SMEs trying to market BBPs in Slovakia, but there are often missing the target due to insufficient knowledge and understanding of the existing challenges. This workshop was part of a joint-event with the project Biobridges.

Application sectors:

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture


Topics of discussion:

Market/business development

Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building


A2 – Specify Unique Selling Points (USP)

B2 – Changes in purchase habits

B3 – Increase the Adoption








19-11-2019 09:56


Mobilization and Mutual Learning (MML) Workshop: Boosting bio-economy in cities vol.2


This mobilisation and mutual learning workshop is organized by the BIOVOICES ( Biobridges ( projets and it aims to facilitate dialogue between different stakeholders in the field of bio-economy, bringing together representatives of local governments, industry, research institutions, consumer organizations to share experiences on sustainable circulation bio-economy especially in the Bratislava region. In particular, the workshop is going to address the following key challenges: 1. BIOVOICES session: Changes in purchase habits of consumers 2. BIOBRIDGES session: Biomass and city waste as innovation boost for small scale businesses Participants will analyze the barriers, benefits and solutions to overcome current communication gaps and other issues among stakeholders, particularly through mutual learning and collaboration.