INTERNATIONAL MML: The alliance between primary production and bio-based industries. A macro regional approach

Timezone: GMT+01:00

Organiser: BioVoices and BioBridges projects (APRE) Power4Bio project (SPRING)

Event type: international

Description: Challenges addressed by the workshop: Boost local deployment, Enhance local action plans The workshop aims to identify opportunities offered by the Bioeconomy, with a particular emphasis on its bio-based component, for the interregional development of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The focus will be on enhancing those value chains of rural areas able to generate potential investments for and in collaboration with the bio-based industries. The workshop will be organized in two sessions. During the first part, case studies representing the regions involved will be presented, providing ideas and practical examples to stimulate discussion during the next session. In the second session, the Quadruple Helix stakeholders will work in a participatory way on the challenges, opportunities and barriers to promote the interregional development. The discussion, the exchange of ideas and best practices will contribute to the elaboration of practical recommendations that will feed the dialogue between the main actors of this field at European level.

Application sectors:

Cleaning and hygiene, personal care and cosmetics, health and biomedical

Textile products, clothing, sports and toys

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Nutraceuticals, environmental bioregulation and biological sensors


Topics of discussion:

Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building

Regional/Local development


B3 – Increase the Adoption

D1 – Improve the ecosystem to enhance business cases

E2 – Boost local deployment








16-05-2019 10:41


The alliance between primary production and bio-based industries. A macro regional approach


MML Workshop organized by Biovoices, Biobridges and Power4Bio projects