The hard way to the market: how to support start-ups and spin-offs in the bio-based sector?

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Description: Start-ups and spin-offs of the bio-based sector face several hurdles to survive the “Valley of Death”. The workshop aims at identifying: • existing needs and challenges, • possible solutions to reach the market safely. This issue is particularly relevant in the bio-based sector since risks could be higher (e.g. technological development), different (e.g. public acceptance) and less known compared to other ones. Investors and large and experienced companies could be reluctant in investing on the new innovative technologies, processes, products and applications, obstructing the market uptake of promising start-ups and spin-offs, able to support social and environmental objectives fixed by European policies (e.g. the updated European Bioeconomy Strategy, European Green Deal). Start-ups and spin-offs could require also the collaboration of other stakeholders to fully exploit the proposed innovations (e.g. the creation of integrated value chain, the collaboration of and with primary producers, changes in the actual legislation, etc). More information, including the agenda, will be soon available

Application sectors:

Cleaning and hygiene, personal care and cosmetics, health and biomedical

Textile products, clothing, sports and toys

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Nutraceuticals, environmental bioregulation and biological sensors


Topics of discussion:

Market/business development


A2 – Specify Unique Selling Points (USP)

A3 – Up-scaling








21-09-2020 15:14


Workshop Agenda


The draft agenda of the MML workshop "The hard way to the market: how to support start-ups and spin-offs in the bio-based sector?"