Deploying regional and local bioeconomies in Europe - strategy and implementation Mutual learning workshop for strategising and implementing regional and local bio economies: transitioning from linear to circular models locally

Timezone: GMT+01:00

Organiser: ICLEI Europe

Event type: international

On web

Description: In the context of the ICLEI-led event series “Breakfast@Sustainability”, the BioVoices project will organise its next Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) event on the bioeconomy: Deploying regional and local bioeconomies in Europe - strategy and implementation. This session will focus on the overall governance of the bioeconomy in Europe at local and regional level, both in its strategic outlook and its implementation phase. Representatives from cities and regions in Europe will present the challenges, perspectives and strategies of bioeconomies at the local level. The event is directed towards all the stakeholders of the bioeconomy - local administrations’ staff; researchers; interested businesses and civil society organisations. The event will kick off with impulse presentations by regional and city representatives as well as relevant associations and EU projects. The presentations will address challenges and promote success stories with regard to the strategic and programmatic utilization of the bioeconomy for local and regional development and local governments’ levers in promoting the transition to a circular bioeconomy as well as discuss associated EU policies. An interactive element will enable participants to make their voices heard and in the following panel discussion featuring the presenters. Registration is open until 14 September. Agenda* 09:15-09:30 Check-in 09:30-09:40 Welcome & Introduction by ICLEI Europe 09:40-10:40 Impulse presentations Sergi Costa, BIOPRO BW, Coordinator of the INTERREG project GoDanuBio Sebastian Awiszus, Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, Baden Wuerttemberg/GER Consorzio Italiano Compostatori (Italian Composting and Biogas Association) Igor Kos, WCYCLE, City of Maribor 10:40-10:50 Break 10:50-11:35 Interactive panel discussion 11:35-11:45 Concluding reflections by Ruska Kelevska, European Commission, TBC 11:45-11:50 Conclusions & wrap-up 11:50 End of the event *agenda and speakers might still be subject to change

Notes: Registration closed.

Application sectors:

Textile products, clothing, sports and toys

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Topics of discussion:

Supporting strategies, regulatory frameworks legislation and standards at EU and national levels


C2 – Introduce EU and national incentives

E1 – Enhance local bio-economy strategies & action plans







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