Welcome to the MML and knowledge exchange events design (MEED) tool

Are you planning an event and wish to optimise the mutual learning experience, mobilising a large and diverse group of stakeholders? Would you like to promote co-creation and knowledge exchange? Then this tool could help! The main purpose of the BIOVOICES MML online tool (MEED) is to support the design of Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) and other co-creation events, enabling the identification and the selection of a suitable event format and corresponding exercises and activities, based on a series of parameters set through basic event information entered by the user.

Step 1

Select a suitable event format

Step 2

Select the right activities

Step 3

Customize the agenda

Step 4

Download supporting documents

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To learn more about the concept of Mobilisation and Mutual Learning, ant its application within BIOVOICES, check the following deliverables:
D3.4 BIOVOICES Guide for Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshops
D4.4 BIOVOICES methodological approach for Mobilization and Mutual Learning (MML)

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